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The Dreaded Self Portrait – Photography Challenge Week one

I had already left the house. I was supposed to be gone to work already but like always, I forgot something, so I had to go back in. My wife(the one that won’t let me have a cat) heard me and rushed to the kitchen to stop me. She never did this. Something was up. She said,”come here! I need to show you something”. I knew from her demeanor exactly what she wanted to tell me.

Today, she is a healthy 21 weeks pregnant. She’s gorgeous, really. Our little one is due September 27th, 2015, which happens to also be my birthday. Wondrous.

So what’s the first thing I go out and do? Buy a crib? Nope. Buy a car seat or some small onesies? Nah. The first thing I did was buy the most balling out camera on the market, the Sony A7s. This so-called low light monster was game changing and I needed it. I also needed the two little Zeiss mini monsters to make it a low light family. The Zeiss FE 35mm f2,8 and Zeiss FE 55mm f1,8 lenses to be precise. This baby is going to be copiously documented and of course it will be in crystal clear full frame exuberance. I’ve been shooting for a long time but always only for hobby and travel. It was time to get serious, which brings me 360 degrees to the point of this post. My wife is 21 weeks today, which means that last week would have been our 20 week count down. Tic Toc. What better way to hone my camera skills than to do a 20 week photography challenge with 20 weeks to go?

The challenge:


My buddy found this pic off the internet so I’m sorry to the original creator of it. I have no idea who you are but thank you.

WEEK one – The dreaded self port.

I’ve never done this before so it was definitely a learning experience.


  • Sony A7s
  • Zeiss FE 55mm
  • MeFoto RoadTrip Tripod
  • Oneplus One with Sony PlayMemories App for remote control


I had a good time. I took the tripod out into a field with cars driving by staring at me taking selfies of myself. So… now everyone in my neighbourhood thinks I’m some narcissist with a long board. Great. Those pictures didn’t make the cut. I just didn’t like them. These ones were taken beside a small frosted window inside my house and the camera two feet from my face. Every shot at f1,8.

Week one done, the dreaded self portrait, done. If you didn’t notice, week twenty is a re-run of the self portrait. I’m planning to do a mini self portrait of my mini self instead. See ya in September little one.