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Taste Of Ukraine

Jenny and I have been eyeing this place in St.Albert for a while now. Taste of Ukraine is right on the trail near the big castle (Mission Fun and Games Board Game store). The decor on the inside was very cool and every wall was beautifully decorated. There was even traditional Ukrainian garb hanging above us. It’s a very nice place.

Dinner: We had Borsch for the first time and it was delicious. I’m really surprised I hadn’t had borsch before considering my favourite vegetable is the beet.  The mini deep fried perogies, regular cheese perogies, baked sauerkraut and cabbage rolls were delicious. The Pork skewers were super garlicky and amazing but the real winner of the meal was the Chicken Kyiv. I crave this all the time. I’m not a fan of chicken breast (Jenny actually ordered this and I stole it) but this was one very tasty, very moist piece of chicken. I’m pretty sure butter explodes out of it when you cut into it. It’s amazing. Go get it now.



Really Cool interior decor


Surprisingly good import beer


Poppy seed cake. Not too sweet, very fragrant


Chicken Kyiv – This was freaking amazing


I thought this fake passport was a nice touch (bill inside)

Note: This place is super duper dark. The Sony A7s handled the lighting like a champ. Most of the pics I took were at ISO 12800!