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SodaStream Source Demo

The Soda Stream Source is a cool little soda maker. I got it because I don’t really drink enough water and I think it’s cause I don’t really like water all that much. Curiously though, i like soda water quite a bit. I’ve had this machine for a while now and it definitely makes me drink a lot more water in my day. All in a very cool machine. I got the “Source” model because it looked pretty nice, but most importantly, it does not require any power. No batteries, no power outlets or wires need. I told my friend that I could make soda cuddled up in bed if I wanted… and I could. Here’s a quick video of it in action.

Edit: After a while of use I have figured out a way to make soda without the machine making that crazy jet engine noise. Maybe one day I will make a new video but basically, I let go of the big button for a split second every time one of the lights go on. Push, light, let go, push, light, let go, push, light, let go.