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Edmonton Folk Music Festival

Edmonton is a silent but fantastic festival city. I did a quick search and there are roughly 40 festival events in the city. The Edmonton Folk Music Festival is an annual four-day outdoor music event held the second weekend of August and is a surreal event that everyone should go to every year. Last year I brought the low light monster out and took a few snaps with it. The views of Edmonton are magnificent from the top of the hill in Gallagher Park. If you have never been to it, maybe these pictures will entice you. Enjoy. Check out for more details.  

My Baby Nursery

My Baby Nursery

With less than a month to go, we are ready for the little guy or girl to arrive. Creating the nursery for the first time was an ultra surreal experience. I enjoyed every second of it. Here is avideo I created using ~4000 GoPro Hero 3+ time lapse pictures. The final result turned out pretty awesome. I probably have some obsessive compulsive disorder, so I took extra long to do everything. Now that I know what and how to do wallpapering, I would guess that this will take about 4 hours next time. It’s a long tedious task (especially with 10 foot walls) so make sure you know what you are getting yourself into. Cheers!

St. Albert Stormy Night

Took this picture at 1 am on a weekday. I went out to put out the trash and saw some crazy lightning clouds so I ran inside and grabbed my gear. I haven’t taken lightning shots before so the first couple hundred pics were just a waste. After a while I figured out what settings I needed on the Sony A7s to get it just right. 20 second shutter, ISO 200 i believe at F11. The A7s was awesome at focusing in the dark. This was taken on my deck looking out over my backyard into the Sturgeon county area. It was pretty satisfying to see when reviewing the pics in Adobe Lightroom.

Started from the bottom parody

Click to watch My buddy Andrew came up with this idea so we did it for fun. We were going to show it at my wedding but we ran out of time. This video is two and a half years old but I just recently took the raw footage and edited the small amounts of video into this little featurette. Enjoy laughing at me. Drake Parody – Started from the Bottom Director: Andrew Camera crew: Quy and Michelle (sitting in the back of an rdx with the trunk open) Scrub: Andre Editing: Me (Adobe Premiere Pro)

The Dreaded Self Portrait – Photography Challenge Week one

I had already left the house. I was supposed to be gone to work already but like always, I forgot something, so I had to go back in. My wife(the one that won’t let me have a cat) heard me and rushed to the kitchen to stop me. She never did this. Something was up. She said,”come here! I need to show you something”. I knew from her demeanor exactly what she wanted to tell me. Today, she is a healthy 21 weeks pregnant. She’s gorgeous, really. Our little one is due September 27th, 2015, which happens to also be my birthday. Wondrous. So what’s the first thing I go out and do? Buy a crib? Nope. Buy a car seat or some small onesies? Nah. The first thing I did was buy the most balling out camera on the market, the Sony A7s. This so-called low light monster was game changing and I needed it. I also needed the two little Zeiss mini monsters to make it a low light family. The Zeiss FE 35mm f2,8 and Zeiss …

Easter Brunch at The Enjoy Center

It’s not often that we get to hang out with Carlos, Christina, and their three adorable kids. We made plans to go to the Enjoy Center in St. Albert for brunch. The Enjoy Center is a beautiful green house slash organics super market and it happens to also have a really nice bistro as well. If you wander around you will also find a spa, a deli, a flower shop, a bakery, and a specialty wine store as well. Glasshouse Bistro The brunch was very good and the service was amazing. My eggs benedict had some really tasty tomatoes confit in them. I’ve never even heard of those before. The place did get a tiny bit warm near the end of the meal but this is normal considering we were in a giant greenhouse. I would definitely recommend the Glasshouse Bistro to anyone looking for a bright place to eat where there are a lot of families and children around. It’s a nice change over the dark dingy places around town with hung over students …

Simple Fish Tacos with Fresh Pico de Gallo

So I wanted to make some fish tacos for dinner but didn’t know where to begin. The only thing I had in my back pocket was that I was very well versed in eating fish tacos. I knew I needed some Salsa Aioli Mayo Fish Full disclaimer. I don’t live on a farm with fresh vegetables or meat. I’m not a vegan. I’m just a normal guy who tries to be healthy all the time but who also loves chips and beef jerky and instant noodles. This recipe is just something I made up and is just meant to be delicious and easy enough for the normal person who doesn’t have access to fresh truffles from France(which would probably be gross in this recipe). I use packaged stuff all the time and this recipe has fresh ingredients but it also has processed stuff off a grocery store shelf. It’s meant to be an inspiration to anyone who wants to make a delicious dinner that won’t take a long time and has run out of ideas. Hope …

SodaStream Source Demo

The Soda Stream Source is a cool little soda maker. I got it because I don’t really drink enough water and I think it’s cause I don’t really like water all that much. Curiously though, i like soda water quite a bit. I’ve had this machine for a while now and it definitely makes me drink a lot more water in my day. All in a very cool machine. I got the “Source” model because it looked pretty nice, but most importantly, it does not require any power. No batteries, no power outlets or wires need. I told my friend that I could make soda cuddled up in bed if I wanted… and I could. Here’s a quick video of it in action. Edit: After a while of use I have figured out a way to make soda without the machine making that crazy jet engine noise. Maybe one day I will make a new video but basically, I let go of the big button for a split second every time one of the lights …

Taste Of Ukraine

Jenny and I have been eyeing this place in St.Albert for a while now. Taste of Ukraine is right on the trail near the big castle (Mission Fun and Games Board Game store). The decor on the inside was very cool and every wall was beautifully decorated. There was even traditional Ukrainian garb hanging above us. It’s a very nice place. Dinner: We had Borsch for the first time and it was delicious. I’m really surprised I hadn’t had borsch before considering my favourite vegetable is the beet.  The mini deep fried perogies, regular cheese perogies, baked sauerkraut and cabbage rolls were delicious. The Pork skewers were super garlicky and amazing but the real winner of the meal was the Chicken Kyiv. I crave this all the time. I’m not a fan of chicken breast (Jenny actually ordered this and I stole it) but this was one very tasty, very moist piece of chicken. I’m pretty sure butter explodes out of it when you cut into it. It’s amazing. Go get it now.

Saturday Adventures

Saturday Adventures

My two sister in laws Emily and Steph got  me a sweet birthday gift…a new GoPro! Thanks. I messed around with it for the first time and made this video. I just hockey taped the go pro to the long board so sorry its so shaky.(Click the vimeo link on the video to go there and watch in HD) We went from our house all the way to the Farmer’s market in downtown St.Albert and back.